Specialty Teams


Hazardous Material Team

Hazmat Team Mission


The mission of the Troy FPD Hazardous Materials Team is to provide professional response to any Hazardous Materials leak, spill, or condition that threatens the public and/or environment of the Troy Fire Protection District and MABAS 15.



About the Hazmat Team

The Hazardous Materials Team is part of MABAS Division 15, responding to incidents involving all types of hazardous materials spills and leaks. The team responds to fixed facility incidents as well as transportation accidents, including roadway and railroad emergencies. The team has Level A and Level B Technicians who can operate in a totally encapsulated environment.



Fire Investigation Team


Fire Investigation Division Mission


The primary purpose of the Fire Investigation Division is to determine the origin and cause of fires within the Troy Fire Protection

District. The data collected during the investigation is of great significance since it can expose a serious crime like arson. It also provides

valuable statistics on fire trends and experience – information in developing programs to reduce the fire risk in the future.



About the Fire Investigation Division


The Troy Fire Investigation Division was established to investigate the origin and cause of all fires within the boundaries of the Troy Fire

Protection District, per 425 ILCS 25/0.01 Fire Investigation Act, which states the fire chief shall investigate the origin, cause, and circumstances of every fire occurring within their jurisdiction. The fire investigators are appointed by the fire chief to comply with this

state law. Today the division has two types of Investigators; Fire Investigator and Arson Investigator.

Fire Investigators look at fire remains, obtain information, and investigate using the scientific method to determine the origin, cause, and circumstances surrounding a fire. They are not only trained in fire investigation techniques, but also evidence collection and interviewing.

Arson Investigators are commissioned peace officers with weapons qualifications. The arson investigators have arrest authority and are trained in fire investigation techniques as well as evidence collection, interviewing, fraud, and other aspects of criminal investigation. Both the Fire Investigator and the Arson Investigator may be subpoenaed to testify in court on a regular basis to render expert opinions in both civil and criminal cases. Fire and Arson Investigators are required to recertify every four years with the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal. Troy investigators are also members of the MABAS Division 15 Fire Investigation Team as well as the South Suburban Fire Investigation Task Force.



Water Rescue Team


Water Rescue Mission


The mission of the Troy Fire Protection District Water Rescue Team is to provide a professional response to water rescue and recovery incidents to the residents of Troy Fire Protection District.



About the Water Rescue Team


The Water Rescue Team responds to all water rescue calls within the Troy FPD as well as other area agencies in need of assistance as a part of MABAS Division 15. The Water Rescue Team is organized to respond quickly and efficiently, gather as much information at a scene as possible, and to deploy rescuers to perform a rapid and effective search and retrieval.


Honor Guard

Honor Guard Mission


The mission of the Troy Fire Protection District Honor Guard is to provide distinguished representation of the Troy FPD at events in the community or other locations as requested. The Guard will convey a commitment to excellence when presenting the colors and the Flag of the United States of America in a respectful and military manner. To provide a dignified Honor Guard for fallen firefighters, their surviving family members, and brothers and sisters through organization of and participation in funeral and memorial services.



About the Honor Guard


The Troy FPD Honor Guard is comprised of active members who dedicate themselves to drill and ceremony etiquette while presenting the colors of the United States of America, the State of Illinois, and Troy Fire Protection District. These members also provide service as an honor guard in the event of an active or retired firefighter’s passing.