Troy Fire Protection District History:

Troy Township Volunteer Fire Department

In the early morning hours on Saturday, January 29, 1955, with temperatures plummeting to a frigid five below zero, Al & Bob's Tavern was completely destroyed by fire. This prompted Troy residents to realize the immediate need for a local fire department. Action was taken. Organizational meetings were held at the old one room schoolhouse and town hall located on Seil Road. This original location was along the proposed route of Interstate highway I-55.

Braidwood Fire Dept. provided Troy with a set of by-laws, and unknowingly, also provided them with their first section of hose. Bill Hayes was elected the first Fire Chief. His home located next to Al & Bob's became the site for the first private party telephone in Troy, the fire phone. A siren was set atop a pole, which was erected behind the tavern.

The Original Fire Station Firemen solicited for donations from Troy residents, and were able to purchase a 1929 REO Speedwagon fire engine from Lockport for $250. Ralph Anderson towed the REO to Troy and it was temporarily stored in Pat Clark's garage on Turtle Street. A $2000 loan from Don Baltz enabled the fire department to purchase lots 23, 24 and 25 and move the old town hall to its new location. By October 1956, the Troy Fire Department moved in to the fire barn. Treloar Trucking Co. donated a Dodge tank truck, which became Troy 's first tanker. The men had also acquired ten sets of various sized turnout gear.

1956 The Ladies Auxiliary to the Troy Township Volunteer Fire Department was formed as a non-profit making social organization.

1957 Chief Hayes passed away and Vince Creed was elected chief. In the next two years, two additions were made to the original fire barn; an eastside addition in 1957 and another section added to the back end of the barn in 1959. During this period a 1949 Ford 500 gpm pumper was purchased for $5776.

1960 Kerry Sheridain was elected fire chief. That year the department purchased shirts, hats, and badges from Darley & Co., and these were first worn at the Farm Progress Show held at the Don Baltz Farm. Troy was instrumental in organizing the Des Plaines Valley Firefighters Mutual Aid Association and became a chartered member. The department purchased a 1961 Chevy panel truck from Speicher & Gaylord's junkyard, which was equipped with red and green flashing lights, and a mysteriously donated generator.

1963 was a monumental year for the Troy Fire Department. In April the first Spring Dance was held at the Hob Nob. On December 14th, the first spaghetti supper was held at the fire barn; and the Troy Fire Protection District was formed. The latter would enable the fire department to be eligible for tax dollars.

1963 The first district trustees were George Ward, Martin Haley, and Claude Beguin. In 1964 an election was held and the residents of the Village of Shorewood voted to become a part of the newly formed Troy Fire District. Historically, James Ingalls, Henry Fatland, Hank Bauer, Ken Bottomley, Ron Krabbe, Bob Schwartz, Roger Barrowman, George Muentnich, and John Scheidt have been appointed trustees for the District.

1964 In March of 1964 the second Spring Dance was held at the Harwood Post, Old Oak Grove on Larkin Avenue. The dance later became known as the The Troy Fireman's Ball. Also in 1964, the department held its first training meeting, its first horse show was held at the Troy A.C. Grounds, and it put a second Dodge Tanker into service.

1965 In June 1965, the Ladies Auxiliary gave the department $700 (proceeds from the annual Fireman's Ball which the auxiliary sponsored) which was used to purchase a Ford 4-wheel drive grass fire truck (#2218). Through the continued efforts of the Ladies Auxiliary, the proceeds form the annual fireman's ball (1965 to present) have provided the men with such things as auto extrication tools, a base radio, an air compressor, orange fire coats, and walkie-talkies.

Also in 1965, the men participated in a 140-team bowling tournament sponsored by the Romeoville Fire Department. The Highlight of the tournament was when Paul Barnes hit Dick Anderson on the head with a bowling ball. Troy brought home a trophy - and Dick brought home a knot on his head.

A third addition was built onto the fire barn during 1965, and a brand new 750 gpm high pressure pumper w/800 gallon tank (#2213) was brought home from Alexis, Illinois by Chief Sheridan. The snub-nose Dodge tanker was also put into service in 1965. The Des Plaines Valley Fire Fighters Mutual Aid Association elected Chief Sheridan their president that year.

1966 In October 1966, a dance was held at the fire barn for firemen and auxiliary members and their spouses. Thanksgiving morning a fire destroyed Earl and Len Meyer's barn.

1968 During the 1968 Chicago riots, Fire Chief Sheridan, and Asst. Chief Paul Barnes dispatched a unit to stand by for Engine Co. 116 at 53rd and Woods in Chicago. Troy firefighters assisting Sheridan and Barnes were Gil Anderson, Don Schuck, Richard Anderson, Bob Skocy, Keith Condon, Harry Litchfield, and Jerry Bailey. Troy receieved a plaque from Mayor Daley and the City of Chicago thanking the firefighters for their service and the use of Troy #2 pumper.

In August 1968, a 90 ft. crane was used to set a 10 hp siren atop a 75 ft. pole in front of the fire barn.

1969 In March 1969, the firemen played the Shorewood Lions Club in a benefit basketball game for Leroy Fox. The firemen won 40-15.

1970 In 1970, the Exchange Club of Joliet presented a plaque to Chief Kerry Sheridan in honor of the Troy Volunteer Fire Dept. for "15 years of dedicated service to the people of Troy Township." Also in 1970, Truck #9 (#2217) a 2800 gallon tanker was put into service. #9 was the largest in the area.

1971In 1971 Troy broke away from traditional black fire turnout coats, and highly visibility orange hypalon turnout coats were purchased.

Also, in 1971 and continuing to the present, JJC fire science classes are held at the Troy Fire Station, which is a designated satellite campus for Joliet Junior College.

1973 On October 16, 1973, six area youth formed the Troy Fire Dept. Cadet Program with the aid of the firefighters. The program was formed because of the interest shown by these youth in the fire service. The program has become a valuable preliminary training for future firefighters.The original members were Tim Hurley, John Janssen, Steve Schwartz, Steve Skocy, Denzil Smothers and Larry Wagner.
More about the Cadet Program

1974 In 1974, #2212 was purchased from Darley & Co., a 1000 gpm pumper. It was the first fire apparatus in the area to be painted high visibility lime green. Later all Troy 's apparatus was repainted lime green.

1975 In 1975 the station wagon #2203 and #2216 the Chevy panel rescue unit were put into service. Also, the 20th anniversary celebration was held at the old fire barn.

1976 In the fall of 1976, the east addition of the old fire barn was torn down and construction began on the new fire station. When the truck bay area was completed, apparatus were moved into the new station and the rest of the old barn was torn down to make room for the kitchen, meeting room, restrooms, and the district office.

1977 The new building was dedicated in September 1977. #2210 and the rescue boats were put into service in 1977.

1979 #2221 was put into service in 1979.

1980 In 1980, the 25th Anniversary was held in the new station. The Ladies Auxiliary presented marble etched plaques depicting the history of the department.

In 1980, the Troy Volunteer Emergency Medical Service was established. #2219, an American LaFrance 100 ft. Ladder Truck was acquired.

Troy Fire Protection District Emergency Ambulance started with its first call May 13, 1980.
Read more about the Ambulance History (at right)

1982 One of the areas largest combination pumper tanker was put into service; #2211, a 1250 gpm Pierce Arrow Diesel went into service in 1982, the District purchased the Ward Electric building and lots for future expansion. #2216, heavy-duty rescue truck was put into service.

1985 During the summer of 1985, a new larger siren was erected. In July of 1985, history was made when the 30th Anniversary Committee designed a new patch and logo for the department.

2009 #2212 is retired in the fall, to be replaced with a new Pierce 1250 gpm pumper with a 3000 gallon tank. Also, Troy changed their emblem keeping the nozzle and Troy and U.S. flag in the center.

2009 In December 2009, the number of trustees went from 3 to 5 man board.

2010 May 1, 2010, the POC/Part time program additional 2 per shift began.

2011 In April of 2011, 5 trustees will be elected to the board by the citizens this will be the 1st elected board to the District.

The original Troy Fire "Barn," 1956

Fire Chiefs: 1955 through Present

  • Bill Hayes – elected 1955
  • Vince Creed – elected 1957
  • Kerry Sheridan – elected 1960 (later appointed)
  • Bob Schwartz – appointed 2008
  • Steve Engledow – appointed 2009
  • Andrew Doyle - appointed 2014

The original volunteer Troy fire fighters, 1955

Administrative Staffing through
the Years

  • 1955 – Present – Volunteers are responding to calls
  • 1980 – Present – Ambulance service
  • October 1989 – First full time contracted ambulance personnel (2 on 24/7)
  • March 1991 – First full time District Secretary Deb Krut
  • January 1992 – First paid part-time Chief Sheridan
  • May 1994 – First paid part-time Fire Inspector Janssen
  • May 1996 – First paid full time Chief Sheridan under contract
  • January 2003 – 5 full time personnel per shift (due to referendum which passed and personnel was utilized on fireside and ambulance)
  • January 2004 – 6 full time personnel on daily
  • January 2006 – 8 full time personnel on daily (opening of station #2 four staff at each station)
  • March 2008 – Paid part-time Chief Bob Schwartz
  • January 2009 – 10 full time personnel on daily (5 at each station 24/7)
  • February 2009 – Paid part-time Inspector Frank Robinson
  • April 2009 – Paid full time Chief Steve Engledow
  • August 2009 – Part time training officer John Hardy
  • December 2009 – 7 Full time District employees (Thanks to the awarding of safer grant - FEDERAL): Dave Giese, Ed Vandrush, Andy Doyle, Kyle Smicker, Charles Pandolfi
    John Brownlow, Dan Rozak
  • January 2010 – 35 Full time employees
  • October 2014 - Paid full time Chief Andrew Doyle

Troy's first tanker truck, 1956

Ambulance History

Troy Fire Protection District Emergency Ambulance started with its first call May 13, 1980. The first class of EMT's had finished their initial training April of that year. Our first ambulance had been purchased with the help of revenue sharing monies from Troy Township and the Village of Shorewood. Since then another, much needed, ambulance has been purchased. Through fundraisers and generous donations we have been able to purchase much needed equipment and training materials.

October 1, 1989 the first full time contracted ambulance personnel was hired consisting of two EMT-B’s on duty 7 days a week 24 hrs. a day, the first full time EMS personnel consisted of; Andrew Doyle, Steve Robbins, Chris Kmetz, Mike Detello, Bob Muncie, Jeff Fredendow. In the fall of 1991 the personnel became EMT-I’s and in 1993 they went to Paramedic status. For over the past 20 years Troy has provided the community with FULL TIME ambulance personnel.