Troy Fire Protection District History:


In the early morning hours on Saturday, January 29, 1955, with temperatures plummeting to a frigid five below zero, Al & Bob's Tavern was completely destroyed by fire. This prompted Troy residents to realize the immediate need for a local fire department, and action was taken. Organizational meetings were held at the old one room schoolhouse and town hall located on Seil Road. This original location was along the proposed route of Interstate highway I-55.

Braidwood Fire Dept. provided Troy with a set of by-laws, and also provided them with their first section of hose. Bill Hayes was elected the first Fire Chief. His home, located next to Al & Bob's, became the site for the first private party telephone in Troy, the fire phone. A siren was set atop a pole, which was erected behind the tavern.


The Original Fire Station

Firemen solicited donations from Troy residents, and were able to purchase a 1929 REO Speedwagon fire engine from Lockport Fire Protection District for $250. Ralph Anderson towed the REO to Troy and it was temporarily stored in Pat Clark's garage on Turtle Street. A $2000 loan from Don Baltz enabled the fire department to purchase lots 23, 24, and 25, and move the old town hall to its new location. By October 1956, the Troy Fire Department moved in to the fire barn. Treloar Trucking Co. donated a Dodge tank truck, which became Troy 's first tanker. The men also acquired ten sets of various sized turnout gear.



The original Troy Fire "Barn," 1956



Troy Township Volunteer Fire Department 1956-2009

Troy Township Volunteer Fire Department 1956-2009


Troy Fire Protection District 2009-present

Troy Fire Protection District 2009-present


 Ambulance Service History

Ambulance History



The original volunteer Troy Firefighters, 1955

Fire Chiefs: 1955 through Present

  • Bill Hayes – 1955-1957
  • Vince Creed – 1957-1960
  • Kerry Sheridan – 1960-2008
  • Bob Schwartz –  2008-2009
  • Steve Engledow –  2009-2014
  • Andrew Doyle -- 2014-2023
  • Paul Hertzmann -- 2023-present

Fire District Staffing through
the Years

  • 1955 – 2009 – Volunteers responded to calls, supplementing full time staff
  • 1980 – Present – Emergency Ambulance service
  • October 1989 – 2 full time ambulance personnel 24 hours a day
  • March 1991 – First full time District Secretary Deb Krut
  • January 1992 – First part-time Chief Kerry Sheridan
  • May 1994 – First part-time Fire Inspector Neil Janssen
  • May 1996 – First full time Chief Kerry Sheridan
  • January 2003 – 5 full time firefighter/paramedics per shift 
  • January 2004 – 6 full time firefighter/paramedics per shift 
  • January 2006 – Station 2 opens at 25454 W. Seil Rd. -- 4 firefighter/paramedics staff each station
  • March 2008 –  Bob Schwartz appointed as part-time Fire Chief
  • January 2009 – 10 firefighter/paramedics per shift, 5 personnel at each station
  • February 2009 –  Fire Inspector Frank Robinson
  • April 2009 –  Steve Engledow appointed Fire Chief
  • December 2009 – Federal SAFER grant awarded to the District, 7 career District firefighters appointed: Dave Giese, Ed Vandrush, Andy Doyle, Kyle Smicker, Charles Pandolfi, John Brownlow, Dan Rozak
  • January 2010 – 35 Full time employees
  • October 2014 -  Andrew Doyle appointed Fire Chief
  •  January 2023 - Paul Hertzmann appointed Fire Chief

Troy's first tanker truck, 1956